What is required in order to provide you with a quote?

There are several plans along with pricing available in our Showhome. If you would like a custom plan we have an in house designer ready to assist you.


I want something in my home that is in the showhome. Why isn't that item included in the price?

All of our new home floor plans include some of the best standard specifications in today's housing market.You will have the opportunity to add many personal touches to your new home during the selection process.


Why can't the exterior of my house be a certain color?

Architectural Controls are set in place by a Community's land developer. Architectural Controls are responsible for keeping
the integrity and value of the community at the highest level possible. One way of doing this is by ensuring all of the homes do not look the same. This helps ensure the area does not become what is commonly referred to as a "cookie-cutter community".


Can I still purchase a new custom home even if I haven't sold my current one?

By using our Guaranteed Sales Program, you can purchase a home while we help you sell your old one.


What changes can I make to my new home plans? When can these be made?

During the building process you may make changes to your custom built home as described by your Sales Manager. Riser Homes has
many different new home models with optional layouts that are available.Throughout the planning process, smaller more detail-oriented changes and selections can be made so you get the home you deserve


When will my possession date be finalized?

We will give you a tentative date when construction starts on your new home. When we are 30-45 days from completion we will have your date finalized.


When does the seasonal work get completed and can I request mine to be done first?

Seasonal work is the work that cannot be completed during the cold and wet fall, winter and spring months. These would
include driveways and sidewalks, exterior painting, stucco, stonework and grading. We focus on starting seasonal completions in May and / or after we get strong rains. The reason for this is that we want natural settlement to occur around your new home so that settlement issues do not cause problems down the road. Once settlement occurs, we will pour the driveway, do final grading on your home and install stucco (if applicable). 


Why is there nothing happening at my house on certain days?

We try to keep your new home construction running as smooth as possible but trade issues can occur. When this happens, we do what
is necessary to get clarification before we proceed with the construction of your new home. This sometimes causes delays in your schedule. We also have Inspection days where we get the local municipalities to do their new home inspections. This would account for "nothing happening" in your home. 


When can I visit my new home and can I bring friends to show it off?

As per your Safety Contract with Riser Homes, you must have a company representative with you while visiting your new home. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is required when on the new home work site. This includes hardhats, proper footwear and safety glasses. Either your sales person or the construction supervisor is available to help with this.


Can I make changes to my home after I sign off on the drawings?

Our new home builder process is set up to insure we go through your home and the many changes you may make
thoroughly before we release the new home plans to Construction. Once construction has the go ahead that you have made all your changes, additions and revisions, we proceed with building the home.


What should I do if I see an error or omission in my home during construction?

Your new home sales person is your point of contact during construction. 


When Can we schedule our customer meetings?

Our office hours are Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Sales appointments are available nights and weekends by appointment. Our Showhome is open Thursday to Sunday from 12-4. Located in the Town of Blackfalds.


There is also a very helpful guide available on line through our warranty provider. www.AlbertaNewHomeWarranty.com

Thank you for considering a Riser Home!